The Kerala Museum

A space for you to play, learn, connect through creativity and grow.

The Kerala Museum, of the
Madhavan Nayar Foundation was
founded in 1984 by R.Madhavan Nayar
who was a visionary industrialist
and philanthropist.

The main components of this complex are The Museum of Kerala History and the Gallery of Contemporary Indian Art & The Centre for Visual Art.

The first is a kind of light-and-sound show that walks the visitor through thirty-eight life-sized tableaus that tell the story of this land through people who were pivotal to the history of this region and covers events over the past two thousand years.


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We also have an outdoor Amphitheater, seating four hundred, the venue for the Annual 3 day Museum Fest, showcasing India’s talent for Kochi audiences..

Today in keeping with our Founder’s vision the Kerala Museum has broadened its ambit through regular visual and performing arts shows, workshops, talks and lectures, spectacular performances hosted at the Museum Amphitheatre, collateral shows with the Kochi Biennale, partnerships with KNMA, Sahapedia, Lalitkala Akademi, Sangeet Natak Akademi, and the setting up of a Music and Dance Academy with classes in several classical disciplines.

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