Exploring “Aves II” by Subhaprasanna Bhattacharjee

Written by Kerala Museum

Artwork credit: Kerala Museum

In 1991, the acclaimed Indian artist Subhaprasanna Bhattacharjee created a mesmerizing painting of a bird titled “Aves II.” This oil on canvas masterpiece, measuring 60 x 60 cm, showcases Bhattacharjee’s exceptional talent and distinctive artistic style. With a background in the Indian College of Arts and a penchant for urban subject matter, Bhattacharjee’s work invites viewers into a captivating world in which byways, alleyways, birds, and people intertwine. “Aves II” exemplifies his ability to combine precision and intensity

Subhaprasanna Bhattacharjee’s artistic style is characterized by meticulous execution. Having mastered various media, including oil on canvas, charcoal, and mixed media, he brings a unique visual intensity to his creations. His attention to detail is evident in “Aves II,” where every brushstroke contributes to the overall composition. Bhattacharjee’s work seamlessly blends realistic elements with subtle abstractions – the colour of the feathers for example, resulting in a harmonious balance between representation and artistic interpretation. As an urban artist, Bhattacharjee draws inspiration from the vibrant city of Kolkata, his birthplace. Through his paintings, he captures the essence of the city’s byways, alleyways, and the diverse tapestry of its people. “Aves II” invites viewers to wander through the streets of Kolkata, accompanied by the presence of a crow that adds a touch of whimsy and intrigue.

Artist Subhaprasanna Bhattacharjee

This crow, rendered intricate details, serves as a symbol of the urban landscape. It evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue, representing the crows that inhabit the bustling streets of Kolkata. While Subhaprasanna Bhattacharjee is known for his urban streetscapes, “Aves II” showcases his ability to infuse symbolism into his artwork. The crow in the painting represents more than just a bird; it embodies the spirit of the city. In Indian culture, crows are believed to be messengers and are associated with intelligence and keen observation. The crow might then embody the collective spirit of Kolkata, with its rich history, diverse culture, and dynamic urban life. The painting also reflects the artist’s connection to nature. Through the precise depiction of the crow, Bhattacharjee highlights the delicate balance between urban environments and the natural world. It serves as a reminder of the coexistence of human beings and nature in a bustling city.

Subhaprasanna Bhattacharjee’s artistic contributions have garnered international acclaim. His works have been exhibited extensively in galleries and collections across India and abroad, including the United States, Bangladesh, Singapore, France, Switzerland, and Germany. Through his mastery of various artistic techniques and his ability to capture the spirit of Kolkata, Bhattacharjee has left an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene. Aves II is part of the permanent art collection of the Kerala Museum and is featured in the the online exhibition titled Flying Horses, Sleepy Tigers and Colossal Crows: Objects of Admiration and Allegory.

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