KOO CHUK CHUK : The Tales of Mullah Naser ud-Din

Written by Kerala Museum

Artwork credit: Kerala Museum

So what would be the best way to get very young children to start thinking about the big problems of society?

At the Kerala Museum, we believe that the community as a whole will benefit from children who grow up to be responsible citizens of their locality. At our fundraiser on the 13th of September 2018 for #DoForKeralaKids we set aside the goal of raising an actual amount of money and decided instead, that we should let Mullah Naser ud-Din do the talking.

People of all ages can relate to the Mullah’s witty anecdotes and timeless wisdom. And what better way to overcome trials and challenges, than with a touch of humour!

The show was kicked off by the Story of Kottuvayaraja by the children of the Joy of Drama theatre class, who put together the performance just for our cause.

It was followed by 3 thrilling stories of Naser ud-Din, starring Vaishali Chakravarty as the Mullah. House full on a Thursday evening and the participatory format of LIVE-STORYTELLING was a huge success with Mullah’s hat collection totalling 8500/-

Participatory Theatre and Critical Spectatorship

All over the world today, we are seeing a comeback in the emphasis on the participation of the audience in the making of the performance. At the Kerala Museum performances for kids, we are keen to provide this unique opportunity for children. The opportunity to take roles as well as the opportunity to respond to the storyteller’s energy and add to the theatricality of the play. When children become critical spectators they benefit from it’s potential to provoke dialogue and explore alternative stories.

Koo Chuk Chuk live storytelling performance will be a regular offering now as a part of Museum events, so keep a look out for the next one!

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