Vijayadashami Celebrations for the Museum Academy students

Ever since the Music, Art and Dance Academies were started in 2013, we have had an enthusiastic bunch of parents bring their children to the museum on weekends for their classes.

Samrakshana Special School visits!

One of the most soul-stirring reviews we got this month was from a student of Samrakshana Special School, S, who said her favourite subject is history and thanked us for the wonderful day she was having at the Museum.

Our Dolls featured in the newspapers!

The story goes that in the year 2000, Trustee of the Madhavan Nayar Foundation, Brigadier RB Nayar, felt that school children who come to the Kerala Museum would really appreciate an exhibit with dolls.

Creativity at its best!

Covering a range of concepts: colour, symmetry, composition, finger-skills, collaboration, creativity, exploration and most important of all, play, these worksheets a great way to inspire curiosity and love for art and culture in kids.

Hot off the press!

Worksheets at the Kerala Museum are an enjoyable way to get started digging beyond the surface to find out more.

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