Beyond Sacred Worlds Kerala Mural Workshop

An IT professional, a school teacher, an accountant, a mother of a 3 month old, an 8 year old girl and an 11 year old boy

Documentary Theatre in Kochi

Documentary Theatre uses materials such as photographs, newspaper articles, interviews, archives, video, letters – about people and real events, as an entry into performance making.

Three Slices from Praxis: Collaboration, Co-production, Confluence

On 24th July 2022, the Kerala Museum in collaboration with the Institute of Urban Designers, India, hosted a talk by eminent architect, urban designer, academician and author Prof. K.T Ravindran.

Heritage Trail: Dutch in Fort Kochi

Nestled on the western coast of India lies the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”, Fort Kochi. The trees sway and the cool breeze hits your face as you walk around this quaint land.

From the Ancient to the Modern: Kerala Piravi Day

Commemorating the unification of Kerala, 1st November stands as testimony to an impressive and fruitful past.

The Story of the Last Jew by KM Intern Sailaja M.

The year 1947 changed the course of history for every Indian. India, a new nation was born, freed from the clutches of decades of colonial domination.


A fun group of Rotarians on their International Exchange program visited the Museum and booked a guided tour of the Gallery of Contemporary Indian Art with Museum Director Aditi Nayar.

Aurora Borealis

New Year Goals – Become a Patron of the Arts!

On your next visit to the Kerala Museum, do also check out our Donor-Patrons tree.

Deśaj – SNA Folk and Tribal Arts Festival at the Museum Amphitheatre

At the top of the Museum hill lies nestled a most beautiful Open Air Amphitheatre, that for 3 evenings, became the venue for a brilliant display of the folk and tribal forms of our country.

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