The Kerala Equation

Tracing the Roots of Mathematics and Astronomy in Kerala.

Guardian of Travancore: The epic tale of Nedumkotta

A chain of forts.

Early Maritime Relations of Kollam

Kollam’s history with the outside world

Exploring “Aves II” by Subhaprasanna Bhattacharjee

Captivating Blend of Precision and Intensity

Kannan Devan Hills- A Historical Genesis

The Beginning: Who were Kannan and Devan? (The Arrival of the British)

The Palakkad Pass: Geographical Wonder, Historic Trade Route and a Gateway to Culture

The origins of the Palakkad Pass, its significance in trade and history, and its relevance in the present day.

Beyond Sacred Worlds Kerala Mural Workshop

An IT professional, a school teacher, an accountant, a mother of a 3 month old, an 8 year old girl and an 11 year old boy

Documentary Theatre in Kochi

Documentary Theatre uses materials such as photographs, newspaper articles, interviews, archives, video, letters – about people and real events, as an entry into performance making.

Three Slices from Praxis: Collaboration, Co-production, Confluence

On 24th July 2022, the Kerala Museum in collaboration with the Institute of Urban Designers, India, hosted a talk by eminent architect, urban designer, academician and author Prof. K.T Ravindran.

From the Ancient to the Modern: Kerala Piravi Day

Commemorating the unification of Kerala, 1st November stands as testimony to an impressive and fruitful past.

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