‘Engendered Cities’ – Fair Sharing What We Build!

‘Engendered Cities’ - Fair Sharing What We Build!

Join us for an interactive workshop on ‘Engendered Cities’ – Fair Sharing What We Build!

 May 18, 2024 – 11 AM

 Kerala Museum

 Ever wondered about the impact of city design on gender equality? Let’s explore together with Ar. Monolita Chatterjee, an expert in Gender Inclusive Infrastructure for Cities!

‍‍ Discover:

– Who suffers the most when our roads lack pavements?

– How would mothers design cities?

– Transforming from car-centric to care-centric communities!


Ar. Monolita Chatterjee

Co-founder, Raising Our Voices Foundation

Vice Chairperson, Indian Institute of Architecture Kerala Chapter

Free & Open to all!

 To Register:

Click here: https://forms.gle/mMoJY3ZYxV716HYHA

Or Call/Text Kerala Museum on 8129051881

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