ALTEFF @KeralaMuseum

ALTEFF @keralamuseum

The Kerala Museum recently hosted the All Living Things Environmental Film Festival (ALTEFF) in Kochi, an event that stands as India’s premier showcase for contemporary climate stories. ALTEFF brought together a diverse array of untold narratives, ranging from tales of regeneration and activism to stories of crisis and hope, all told through the lens of cinema.

The festival was graced by the presence of its co-founders, Kunal Khanna and Laurene Khanna, who actively engaged with the audience in insightful discussions on environment, climate change, and stories of resistance.

Over the course of two enriching days, the festival unfolded with a carefully curated selection of films that spanned genres and perspectives. From documentaries shedding light on environmental challenges to inspiring narratives of conservation efforts, each film served as a lens through which the audience could contemplate the state of our planet. 

Day 1 film screenings were complemented by a lecture from Advocate Harish Vasudevan on environmental law, theory, practice, and challenges and the day concluded with the JANAL  Talks lecture  titled, “What is the Chemical Formula of Forest Tears?” by Dr. Malavika Binny. Her lecture delved into the intertwined histories of the environment, botany, and medicine, challenging reductionist perspectives in academic discourse.

The second day of the festival saw an equally compelling set of five film screenings that continued to explore the multifaceted aspects of environment. A spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down or nothing like a little satire to lighten the mood – the festival finale was a participatory performance on climate change called Plan B/C/D/E.

ALTEFF in Kochi emerged not just as a  platform for meaningful conversations and reflections, providing attendees with a 360-degree experience of environmental exploration, fostering a deeper understanding of environmental issues and inspiring collective action. The fusion of cinematic storytelling, legal insights, and academic discourse left a lasting impact on attendees and reinforced the importance of collective action in the face of pressing challenges of our time.


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