JANAL Calendar May 2024

Janal Talks

Introducing the official Janal Talks Calendar for this month at the Kerala Museum, kicking off Janal Talks Season 2!

 – 18/05/24 – Beyond Temples and Perumals: Land and Labor Processes in Kerala History by Dr. K S Madhavan, Professor in the Department of History at the University of Calicut.

The JANAL Lecture Series, presented by Kerala Museum with the support of @geogitfinancial and the Geojit Foundation, excavates the rich tapestry of Kerala’s past, providing a nuanced understanding of its evolution and the interconnectedness between its cultural heritage, societal dynamics, political developments, and environmental transformations.

Through its interactive design, these sessions bring together academicians, research scholars, students, and history enthusiasts, making academic pursuits in history accessible to all.

To Register: Call/Text Kerala Museum at 8129051881  Or https://forms.gle/d9dVSLuEp8ej1D4p8

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