Janal Talks: Recovering lost voices: Women’s writing in Kerala

Janal Talks: Recovering lost voices: Women's writing in Kerala

The lecture reflects on how understanding the history of women’s writing is essential. Women’s creative writing has often been ignored in different cultures, leading to their stories being forgotten. In India, memoirs written by women are crucial to recognise their experiences in relation to gender, colonization, and culture. This talk is an attempt to review the trajectory of women’s writing in Kerala using the lens of intersectionality.

Dr. Priya K. Nair is an Assistant Professor in English at St. Teresa’s College, Cochin. She was recognized as a research guide by MG University in 2014, and her guidance has led four scholars to achieve Ph.D. degrees. She has published academic articles, books and has translated several works. She is also a Resource person at HRDC Kannur and Calicut Universities.

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