Three Day Oral History Workshop

Oral History Workshop

Join the Kerala Museum Oral History Workshop & unlock the power of personal narratives and explore history like never before!✨

🗓️25th – 27th June 2024

 Via Zoom

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Day 1: What is Oral History (25th June)
Dive into the world of oral history with Surajit Sarkar, Associate Professor at Ambedkar University Delhi. Learn how subjective and personal narratives can preserve untold stories and perspectives for future generations.

Day 2: Partition Memories (26th June)
Discover the poignant memories of the Partition of India with Aanchal Malhotra, co-founder of the Museum of Material Memory. Explore how everyday objects like books and jewellery reveal deep emotions and nuanced historical insights.

Day 3: Boats of Bengal – an Oral History (27th June)
Delve into the rich maritime heritage of Bengal with Swarup Bhattacharya, a leading researcher in Bengal maritime culture. Learn about the traditional boat-making practices and the social customs tied to these fascinating vessels.

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