Janal Talks: The Rail and The Tree : A Cochin Hi/Story

The Rail and The Tree : A Cochin Hi/Story

Dr. Sebastian Joseph will be speaking on the topic of Environmental Imperialism.

In history, Cochin is known well for the fascinating history of people, trade, food, culture, art, architecture and the sea. Indeed for the mosquitoes too, though not historically studied. Quite strangely, there lies a shrouded history deep in her woods, a much deeper history of colonialism, imperialism and environment. This lecture intends to engage with the history of a different sort, a history where rails, bridges, culverts, zig zag lines and the rail engine that wrought a different Cochin story of ecological imperialism. Unfolding the history of the steam trumpet inside the deep woods of Cochin, the lecture is conceived to address issues related to ecological and technological imperialism and its bearing on the present.

Dr. Sebastian Joseph is an Environmental Historian, and Author, who writes extensively in weeklies, journals and newspapers. The event is free and will be especially beneficial for students of History and Environmental Studies.

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