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Venturing beyond the physical confines of the museum, the JANAL Archive is the Kerala Museum's digital canvas for the history of Kerala. JANAL (meaning 'window' in Malayalam) seeks to craft engaging digital exhibitions drawing from historical archives, oral narratives, and tangible artefacts, weaving together the rich tapestry of Kerala's vibrant past.

Produced in Kochi, Kerala, by the Madhavan Nayar Foundation in partnership with the Geojit Foundation, the archive comprises articles, exhibitions and the JANAL Talks lecture series aim to foster a deeper understanding of Kerala's plural and interconnected histories.

Who we are

JANAL is curated by oral historian Surajit Sarkar and Kerala Museum Director Aditi Nayar under the mentorship of the eminent historian Professor Sebastian Joseph.

The Archive takes the form of digital exhibitions, articles, and media, including primary and secondary photographic material, video, audio and interviews gathered from the field. JANAL Talks is a lecture series featuring new approaches to history and providing a nuanced understanding of Kerala's evolution and the interconnectedness between its cultural heritage, societal dynamics, political developments, and environmental transformations. Through their interactive nature, these sessions bring together academicians, research scholars, students, and history enthusiasts and make academic and learned pursuits of history more accessible. Together, these elements create a comprehensive resource.

Digital Image Requests & Contributions

In our ongoing efforts to make JANAL more accessible, we will be making available bundles of images from our archives.To request specific images simply reach out to us by writing to info@keralamuseum.org.Likewise, if our exhibitions have inspired you to contribute your images and archival material, write to us with a few samples of the material and our team will get back to you.

Copyright & Fair Use

Our exclusive material and images are a product of dedicated research, fieldwork, and the contributions of academicians and researchers. We encourage users to adhere to copyright regulations and provide due credit to the JANAL digital archive when incorporating our materials or images for their projects, publications, or presentations. This practice not only upholds ethical standards but also acknowledges the collective efforts of JANAL's contributors. We appreciate your cooperation in recognizing the JANAL Archive as a reliable source of historical content.

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About The Archive

Welcome to the JANAL Archive, your virtual playground for thrilling exhibitions! Dive into the digital realm with us as we unearth and showcase hidden gems of stories and micro-histories, embarking on a journey of discovery through the tapestry of Kerala's plural history.

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